Every student stepping into Karunya University has a story. Mine goes thus:  Like many, it was my parents’ vision that I join Karunya.  But I, on the other hand, wasn’t so interested even after appearing for the KU entrance exam. One night, in a dream, I saw myself walking in a large and beautiful campus. Later, when I reached Karunya for my admission, I realised that this was the campus of my dreams.  That’s when I realized it was God’s plan. Our anthem goes, “One in a million you are His choice”. It is evident in my life and I believe every Karunyan is His choice.

I had the opportunity to represent our university at the South India athletics meet and I’m grateful to the P.D. department for that. I turn nostalgic remembering everything, as I write this piece. Words aren’t enough to describe the joy I had during my time at Karunya.  KEMT, Mindkraft and the Megaplay are but a few highlights.

This University gave me a lot. Besides enabling my graduation, this journey taught me lessons in life and introduced me to wonderful people who I consider as my second family. Not to forget the wonderful fellowship this campus held weekly. I was so inspired, nurtured and blessed especially through the Telugu fellowship headed by Michael sir in those days.  I remain blessed as I work for one of the Tech Giants at Hyderabad. All glory to God and heartfelt thanks to this auspicious University. This is Michael Sebastian Gera of 2016 batch, Mechanical Engineering, signing off.


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