1960’s love – exchange of looks, love survived if the couple were very lucky

1980’s Love – Exchange of notes through friends, survived with extreme efforts while the rest died under parental fear.

Millennial Love  – exchange of cellphones – the ultimate act of love – love that survives cellphone scrutiny is everlasting love.

Guys, human emotions don’t change with time, but the tests and trials do. 

 A hilarious, simple tale that revolves around the teens and twenties of today is LOVE TODAY. The title could not be more precise. Pradeep Renganath tries his hands at several assignments as a hero, director, scriptwriter, lyricist and screenplay writer – surprise, surprise the young man passes with flying colours in all his efforts. However, he does need a style of his own while acting, as every frame reminds you of Dhanush.

The impact of social media on a digital generation who live on the high of likes and reels and their emotional struggle has been presented so well that you will laugh nonstop. For the boomers – remember every generation has its rules both written and unwritten, their pressures and preferences are different. Judge not, just vibe and go back wondering how the young ones back home are surviving and see how you can do your bit.

An attempt has been made to showcase the impact of fake Facebook accounts used by people to abuse women or dump their mental garbage, synthetic media like Deep Fake which can destroy lives and abuse in the form of poor humour via Whatsapp groups is exposed. This is a laudable aspect of the film. 

Fun, friendships, relationships and commitments are all redefined along with the parental pressure of modern times. Laugh, like, take what you can, let go of the rest. Not one for moral police who may go back suspecting a story behind every face that is guileless at home.  You don’t think of the technical aspects, Pradeep doesn’t let you as you are busy laughing or trying to relate.

Entertainment guaranteed. 3.2/5


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