Madonne Ashwin’s Maaveeran is a move from the natural genre to the supernatural. The protagonist is a cartoonist who sketches for a story similar to the legendary Sindhbad in Thina Thanthi. Timid by nature and under the shadow of a strong mother, the movie is about how he turns into a Maaveeran. It is a fantasy, so please leave your logic at home. 

There are plenty of rib-tickling moments with Yogi Babu around. Sivakarthikeyan is a simple and successful entertainer and he sticks to this formula. It is always the same style of delivery.

The second half is definitely not as great as the first. With the inner voice guiding the hero’s movement, you find your mind voice telling you this is too much, even for fantasy, at certain places. I wondered if the director had to compromise the climax. With Mandela to his credit, I just couldn’t think the climax was Madonne Ashwin. Vidhu Aiyana’s lenswork is utterly enjoyable. Very promising. Music by Bharath: not much credit as songs don’t register, but the entire BGM had a kind of temple atmosphere with spiritual beats to add to the effect of the supernatural, making it different. Yesteryear’s heroine, Saritha, rocks. Welcome back, at last, a new mom. We had the same face for a long time, to the extent that we got mixed up with the movies.

There’s not much to do for the heroine; she’s just there. Comes in now and then with motivational lines for the protagonist. After all, Tamil cinema cannot do without a heroine.

Neat work by Philemon Raj. Natural costumes and makeup add allure. Nice work by stylist Dinesh Manoharan. Maaveran could have been stronger. Veeran, yes, but Maaveran? NO



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