Many relationships in this world are important in our lives. Marriage is a relationship where it is often said that “two become one”. However, I don’t think there is any relationship where two actually become one. In a mother-child relationship, for example, one can become two or even three, etc.

Marriage signifies a union where two different personalities strive to become one. As the years pass, husbands and wives tend to exhibit similar behaviors. They develop a deep understanding of each other’s thoughts and emotions. Marriage inherently involves selflessness. Observing a beautiful marriage, it’s crucial to recognize the presence of selflessness within it. When you encounter a successful marriage, you are witnessing two selfless individuals who genuinely understand and consider their better halves.









Marriage can be best understood through the abbreviation mentioned above. 

Maturity stands as one of the most critical components in marriage. One should only consider getting married when they have reached a level of maturity. Otherwise, you end up taking care of a baby before even having one.

Adjustment signifies one’s capacity to prioritize other people’s needs. Selflessness can be thought of as another term for adjustment. 

Reliability hinges on trust, which develops over time. When one is reliable, doubts and disbelief find no room to thrive.

Every marriage involves romance. To be romantic essentially means transforming your words into actions when expressing your love to your spouse. This should not occur just once a year, but rather on a regular basis. 

Involvement denotes active participation in the family, the relationship, and interactions with the extended family. While marriage primarily involves two individuals, their respective families also play significant roles in their personal development. Thus, genuine care is what maintains this involvement.

Both partners are mutually accountable to each other. No one holds a position of greater or lesser accountability. However, they do possess distinct responsibilities within the marriage. Both partners are accountable to each other for their words and actions.

No marriage can endure if the love within it is not authentic. True love never diminishes; it remains steadfast. While care can be simulated, genuine love cannot be disregarded.

Empathy stands as another essential element in a successful marriage. It involves learning to be more considerate towards one’s partner.

To conclude, I would now like to discuss the most crucial aspect of marriage, which isn’t acquired in a single day but rather learned through practice and conscious choice. This vital element is forgiveness. Perfection eludes everyone, and errors are inevitable. It’s only when one is prepared to forgive and release, that the foundation for strong bonds is established. When observing a thriving marriage, it’s common to find two individuals who are exceptionally forgiving, living together while embracing this practice on a daily basis.


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