Man, eee… 

Oh, money makes many things

Come let’s run behind it… 

Ah, fame is just around the corner

Let’s go catch it!! 

We are blind enough to see what is not there, 

Stupid enough to believe trivial things… 

And then a day will come –

We’ll be tired of everything we ever wanted…

Jus’ to have a cup of tea by the silent seaside

But things will never be the same! 

Gone will be the days of wind, 

So will be the days of sunshine… 

Just like the days of splendid company, 

Also, the days of roaring thunder… 

In the end,

It all will not matter,

Really, nothing will matter!

For what are we?

Jus’ a speck in the beach of galaxy…

So, laugh while you still can

Play till you fall down

Dance like a pro, 

Fly like a crow. . . 

For am not sure of tomorrow –

Excuse me, are you?


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