If we don’t change, we don’t grow, If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.

Do you want to grow? Then change. Do you want to really live? Then grow. Who has ever grown without changing? Even a blooming bud does not suddenly appear as a beautiful flower. It was always first a shy bud, enclosed in the safe hands of its creator. As days go by, it slowly opens up to become a full-fledged beauty to the eyes of whoever passes by. This is how we all are. This is how our Creator wanted us to be. Have you accomplished it? Has anything in life’s serene journey made you think otherwise? Think it over. It may be an unwanted relationship, an affair, a strained relationship with a spouse, child, sibling, parent, friend, colleague or superior. Whatever it may be, you can always set it right. But first, you should be willing to change, grow, and really live. 

A person who is forty or fifty years old need not really be his biological age. Psychologically speaking, he might be stuck in an age much beyond his conscious awareness. It is mostly below the age of six. 

The other day I happened to be in a jewellery store. An old couple was there too. I was intrigued by the old lady’s behaviour. Her hair was as white as snow. The only black streaks in it were the slides she had neatly adorned. She was concerned about changing the rings she had that she kept telling the salesman of her likes and dislikes. What appealed to me more was her husband’s demeanour. He sat in such a relaxed position with her handbag in his lap and was waiting patiently. This, my friend, is change, growth and real living. If you think you can wait till that age, is there any guarantee? Don’t live to have regrets… ‘IF ONLY… I had one more chance’. Life is too short and shorter are relationships. So be careful in handling them. It is as good as handling a porcelain dish. Once it breaks, no maker in this world can fix it up without the patchwork. 

We shape our destiny. We make it grow or shatter. The decision is yours. We can always keep pointing fingers and keep saying this person, that thing and these circumstances when in reality, you’re only fooling yourself. Be wise enough to concede the truth that I am the author of my destiny.


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