As a child, growing up was fun. Work hard, play hard; so you can have a cruising middle age. We set our targets and went beavering away, meeting our milestones.

But, come the forties, we begin to feel headwinds in our careers, health and family lives. As the fifties take off, it all seems like ratcheting downhill. Personally, this was when my life began limping, literally. undecidedI had a fall during a badminton game and ended up with a fractured 5th metatarsal and torn ankle ligament. That was the last straw to shatter me and challenge my ability and ‘age’. I was totally depressed and bedridden for 14 days.

It was then I came across Isaiah 40:31 which reads “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength”. With all the time on hand, I researched this verse and got to know some interesting facts about ‘Old Eagles’. They mount atop high rocks when they get old and are unable to fly anymore. It is left with two choices.. succumb to its inability OR “Re-Boot”

Having chosen the second (and am still working on it), I would like to encourage all those in a similar situation.

Take a break, ‘cos you deserve it.

Pick up an activity that you’ve wanted to do all your life. It isn’t easy to take a shot at something new when you’re 50+, but, steadily yet gradually we will be there, surprisingly, having crossed that hedge.

Cheers! Good luck to a new start.


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