Hello! I am Joshua from Madurai. I studied BE (mechanical) and I am currently working as a software architect for an MNC.

Having done all my schooling in Madurai, Karunya at the foothills of the Siruvani mountain range came as a pleasant change in my life. My heart skipped a beat and a smile broke through my face when I first saw the college. It really was a treat to witness the clouds crawl at the foothills early in the morning every day, for the next four years.

The memories of college days that race to the front of my mind are those of my hostel life. We made it our home. It was the place where we shared all our sorrows and joys with our friends and roommates. I’ve had friends before, but my Karunya friendships have lasted a lifetime. Wherever we are in this world, we all are in touch with each other to this day. And when it comes to having fun in the hostel, boy did we have a great time! We used to prepare Maggi noodles after 10 pm and share them with friends. Running & walking during the study hours in the corridors was a thrill to experience, dousing the person celebrating their birthday at midnight with water, placing some hair remover cream on the moustache of a sleeping person, locking the bathroom door of people who take long baths …..man, the list goes on!! 

Classroom time was very meaningful. The curriculum not only equipped us in our core subjects, but also in allied subjects from other branches. Although I graduated in Mechanical engineering, I could switch to IT and software and make a career out of it. 

I made a lot of friends in Karunya. The branch of study did not matter to me. My circle of friends had everyone in it. Sam John, Franklin, Milton, Alen, David, Solomon, Danny….. the list is long and our friendship is lasting.

I am married to Jinu and we have two daughters – Jennelle & Japhelle.


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