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Theatre release 


This film is a depiction of the diversity in the beliefs of a father & son and the coming to terms thereof. 

A tale of reason, where a convenient lie overrides a misunderstood fact. This is  Mithran’s Sardar. A well staged spy thriller.




Karthi, Raashi Khanna, Rajisha Vijayan, Chunky Pandey, Rithvik, Laila as Mangai, Murali Sharma, Myna Nandhini, Ramdoss

2022 is Karthi’s year. This movie is in a different genre, with great scope to display the finer aspects of theatre both as father and son.  No guessing games are needed here. He aces both with perfection and ease. 

The little boy Rithvik is every bit a darling and he surpasses expectations in delivering his assigned job. Rajisha outshines Rashi.




Director- Mithran PS

Dialogue- Pon Parthiban, 


Roju, Binpu Ragu, Geevee

Cinematography- George C Williams

Music- G V Prakash Kumar

Producer- S Lakshman Kumar

Production- Prince Pictures

Neat performance of the cast adds to the charm of Sardar. Ruben’s editing is fine and crisp. GV Prakash scores well in 2 numbers. Dilip Subarayan has made his presence felt. George C Williams paints a picturesque canvas, and the close-up shots are a delight to watch.


Wow moments

The chemistry between the elderly Karthi and little Rithvik.

Rithvik addresses Karthi as a partner and the lively exchanges between the two adds a light-hearted yet strong emotional connection to the climax.


Mithran. Karthi & Rithvik

Rajisha is portrayed as an ingenuous village belle and overshadows the other heroine in performance.

Take home

Think twice about use of packaged drinking water.

You cannot deny the impact every time you look at a mineral water bottle in your car, home, here, there and everywhere. But come on, we are tough nuts and it will pass in a few days.


A,B & C centres

A movie for all ages and all kinds.



Sardar –  a strong man indeed.

Sardar bahle bahle diwali dhamaakh…..😍

Film Score

4.5 out of 5


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