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Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal, Tamil, 2022, 2 hrs 65 minutes, Red Giant Movies
Theatre release
It’s all about a mixed protagonist born in a house where everyone’s destined to be single. He disappears from home as his presence could be a potential threat to his mom’s life, who tells him before he leaves home that one day his tables will turn and when it rains it will pour.

Vignesh Sivan experiments with a time n again told n retold love triangle. Where his experiment turns into novelty is: when u like two idlis two dosas two cool drinks two places and can have two families why not fall in love with two women at the same time and try staying together for a while?

Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Prabhu, Redin Kingsley, Lollu Sabha Maaran, G. Kala, S. Sreesanth

The movie is actually over in the intermission when Rambo says I don’t want to marry them just having them next to me would suffice.

The 2nd half is just the two women trying to vie with each other to prove who holds more clout with him. For a while, you wonder why a woman should even try this. You love him get him or let go n let him be. But here we go setting one woman on the other while the guy wallows  in self-pity and pride that two women are actually after him crazily.



Lalit Kumar – Producer,

Vignesh Sivan – Director  Anirudh Ravichander – Music, 

Kadir.S.R – Cinematography,

 A.Sreekar Prasad – Editor, , Dinesh Manoharan – Costume Design.

Nayanthara and Samantha score equally well.  Redin Kingsley does his part well so have most folks cast in. Anirudh surpasses with lovely numbers like Kadal Ondraga, Nan pilai, Two two. Kadirs camera neat work. The real Kadir visible only during the song Kadal. The length bores you. Sreekar Prasad could have had more freedom with the scissors he is allowed to do little. Imagine if we got this how much would have been shot.
Wow moments

 Only Vijay Sethupathi can pull off a role like Rambo and only Vignesh Sivan can roll out and carry off a script as this.

No work for stunt masters, special effects team, sound effects etc. A simple kill time flick. Go laugh and get back carrying nothing.


The director ticks well with youth 2k, he took ambiguous dialogues and made a trailer that attracted many a curious Connie’s who went in to see that it was actually light-hearted nothings and the movie itself is PISH POSH PUSH IT OFF  as mindless  entertainment with no logic.

To keep the moral police at bay we have the caution antennas raised saying 2 love is ok but marrying two at a time is ok only if we belonged to the past or the future but definitely not the present.

Take home

Small messages sprinkled here n there on differently able and religious bonding to satisfy the whither goes thou with no messages types.

Thanks Vignesh, the saving grace was, you did not let Rambo have both. Tiresome to see women on each other’s throat for a man in the name of love.

B & C  centres
Created and neatly presented for youth 2K audience.




 logic illada magic..

Film Score

2.7 out of 5


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