Tamil and Telugu affiliation entertainment examination

Session: evening time: 2.5 hrs

Part A

Answer in brief. 

  1. What is the tag line of Vaathi?

Ans: Money makes many education mafia.

  1. What made Vaathi enjoyable?

Ans: The students

3. What do you understand from Vaathi?

  • Naanu govt school ni sadukuntanu velaiku avaadu
  • Dabbu venum padika
  • Benz kudutha all govt policies will change

4.Who is the choreographer?

What, choreographer unnara?? Irukara?

Part B

Answer in detail

  1. Describe Vaathi in detail.

A captivating script which kept going around with a lot of drama bordering on the unrealistic. Still entertaining.

  1. Elucidate the crew.

Venky Atluri: lots of seasoning added it was like Indianized Chinese food, it was Teluguized Tamil food, parupu sadam with gongura and avakai..

Mavale, enna solla vara?

Neenga mattum suthi suthi exaggerated fable mari kadai solveenga, naan mattum point ku answer pannanuma?

Gv prakash only one song good rest are all blah. 

Navin nooli  cut seiyandi..

Yuvaraj : Bagha undhi babu

Samyukta : No no

Other characters: Good

Hero: not very realistic most of the time. 

Most of Andhra did well.  Tamilnadu too.

  1. What are your findings?

 Diluted delivery of a gripping script.

Still watchable. Shows video class as the forerunner of digitization. Lovely costumes – the only perfection in the film.

One time watch: Vaathi pass……

Expected distinction, but just pass.


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