There is only one expectation that I see from actor Vijay’s fanbase and that is to be entertained.  Vaarisu fits the bill to a T. 

Expectations of a Vijay fan: 

  1. Something to laugh
  2. No great story line, but enough to call it a story 
  3. Grandeur
  4. Female lead to sway to a few peppy numbers, hover around him starry-eyed uttering sweet nothings which evoke crispy comments from him with a smirk.  This provokes the audience to break into big smiles and grins, and nothing else..
  5. Punch dialogues and one-liners 
  6. Fancy and crazy villains who appear in herds, but line up to get punched one by one. Mind you, one should never overpower Vijay.

All boxes checked. 

Vamshi Paidipally presents Vaarisu a time-tested formula – a family drama where the hero is the only answer to all questions. Believe me guys, it works. You have seen it a zillion times, can predict the next scene, but you sit through it, laughing. A galaxy of stars occupies the silver screen, but doesn’t catch your attention. 

Sarathkumar as the dad steals the show with his natural performance.  He is the only natural actor there. That man’s eyes speak volumes. Defeat and dejection captured to perfection. I wonder why a so mature Jayasuda was paired with Sarathkumar. 

Most artists look painted with thick makeup making them look like manequins in many places. Every frame in the movie reflects richness.  

Karthik Palani’s camera adds to the grandeur.  

K.L. Praveen’s editing is neat as always. 

The director could have reconsidered the length of the flick. Dilip Subarayan, the stunt director has added his share to the fanfare.  

Sagar Mali and Tamang Laxmi as art directors deserve a special mention.

Taman’s numbers already topped the chart. So in all, though you know it is much ado about nothing, you can say it’s watchable. But then, after Beast, anything is be watchable. 



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