Sport is an universal language understood and loved by many across the globe. It is one of the means to unite people of different race, color, religion, and social status. Each sporting discipline has its audience and fans that it entertains. Personally, I love basketball and football, with the latter being my favourite. I fell in love with soccer right from my teenage days when I played for both my school and my district.  I was privileged to receive an invitation to play at the Rwandan national football league level. However, this did not materialize because I couldn’t get the consent and blessing of my family who wanted me to at all cost pursue my education instead. As a result, I applied and got admission to study for my bachelor’s at Periyar University, India. But because my passion for the game was so strong, I did not hesitate to join the guys for regular training to at least keep form. After my bachelor’s, I proceeded to  Karunya University for my master’s. While in school I joined the university basketball and football teams when the opportunity availed itself. When my university sports teacher realized my love for the game I was made captain of the soccer team. I am proud to state that I led the team to secure a second position in the 2015-2016 Tamil Nadu State Inter-Deem University Tournament. I would like to thank the staff and management of Karunya University for being a part of my story. I will forever remember all the wonderful  experiences while studying there.

It isn’t that I regret pursuing my academics, but I feel let down due to the lack of support to pursue my dream career just because I am a lady. This made me deviate from a game I love so much, a game full of prospects, satisfaction and opportunity to excel. On that note, I wish to plead with parents and guardians to only guide their wards, by helping them to discover their God-given talents, and not stand in their way of a career choice.

To all the young ladies out there, I urge you to stand and defend your career path and work hard to achieve your dreams, for nothing is impossible to a committed mind. Go all out and conquer the world of limitless possibilities, especially in the so-called male-dominated sporting disciplines.

#You can do it.


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